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Rave Reviews

Here is what some of our customers have had to say about our products.

Cherry chocolate shame

I tasted one of the dried cherry chocolate bon bons at the PSU Farmer's market, and had to buy a small box to take home. But I ate them all during my weekend visit to Portland. So I bought more in the airport. I ate those on the plane. I also bought a small box for a friend, but I did NOT give them to him. Instead, I have now eaten them. I've decided they must be medicinal, and are therefore a very healthy supplement to have regularly. Will be ordering more.

Disgustingly good...

"These chocolates are disgustingly good! I ate the whole box on my drive home."

How do you do it?

How do you do it? How do you capture just a hint of cherry essence in the chocolate so that as it melts in your mouth you are quietly overwhelmed by the subtle taste of the fruit? Splendid! And in my own back yard!

How good are these chocolates?

"How good are these Dried Cherries & Chocolate? Let's just say, they've tested my 'selflessness' when it comes to sharing!"

I just love them...

"I just love your Dried Cherries & Chocolate. Can you never ever stop making your products?"


I had my very first box of 10 milk 10 dark
Cherries and Chocolate, they where excellent, I was bummed when the last one got chewed and slid down, your box graphics are wonderful and your product is world class, I liked your website and am planning some gift crates for the holidays! Good Luck! I highly recommend! Thanks "D"


"The dark chocolate dried cherries and chocolate are spectacular. I just had one with a cup of coffee. The pride you take in creating such an incredible product is wonderful."

Sweetest Cherries Ever!

"You guys always have the sweetest cherries of all the booths here at the (Portland Farmers) market! They are just so good.