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Dried Cherries & DARK Chocolate


Dried Cherries & DARK Chocolate

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Our gourmet dark chocolate-covered cherries are always chewy, never gooey! If you love the flavors of cherries and chocolate, but hate those gooey, drippey cherry cordials, we have what you've been looking for. Using only pure, additive free, dried Royal Ann cherries from our orchard, we then cover each one in either milk or dark chocolate. The only ingredients are cherries and dark chocolate, ensuring rich, vibrant flavors that aren't cloyingly sweet, and make an exquisite companion to a glass of wine. It's the best of Oregon! The lively gift boxes feature original artwork celebrating Oregon's cherry history, and need no gift wrapping to make a splendid presentation. Each box contains 20 pieces.

Box Size                                                                Price                   

20 Piece Box (8 oz.)                                  $15.99 $16.99

6 Piece Box (2.4 oz.)                                     $6.99 $7.49

3 Piece Box (1.2 oz.)                                     $3.99  $4.19