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BeeLocal - Willamette Valley Raw Honey

BeeLocal - Willamette Valley Raw Honey

Price: $11.95

Harvested from hives located in the northern portion of Oregon's most fertile valley surrounded by vineyards, hops, and berry farms; this honey is robust yet complex. It captures the magic of the Willamette Valley.


A little about BeeLocal and their focus on PLACE-BASED HONEYS

In 2011 Bee Local Founder Damian Magista began harvesting honey from different historic neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon. Surprisingly, he found that each neighborhood honey had strikingly distinct and nuanced flavor, color and viscosity – due to the different forage available to the bees in each area. So he decided to NEVER blend any of his honeys, and seek out Bee Local Approved™ beekeepers who are crafting exceptional honeys in iconic areas across the country. Each one of these honeys tells the delicious story of a specific place, and specific season. All of their honeys are raw and full of pollen, never heated, treated or ultra-filtered.